Product Table columns

WooCommerce Product Table gives you full product data control and allows to build a table according to your exact needs.

You can do this adding the table columns and add any product data.

Available columns:

Attributes, Categories, SKU, Buy, Summary, Date, Price, Reviews, Thumbnail.

  • SKU and Name columns are obvious. The Id column is the product ID, assigned by WordPress when you create the product.
  • Description column display the product description from on the product page.
  • Date column displays the date that the product was published.
  • Categories shows the categories of product and links to the relevant category in shop.
  • Thumbnail column displays the product image. You can set its size in the drop-down menu on top of the WooCommerce Tab: thumbnail size settings
  • Reviews column displays the average star rating from 0 of 5 stars for each product, based on customer reviews on the product page.
  • Price column will shows the current product price. If you change your pricing, prices in list will be updated automatically.  Also, this column can include the sale price with the original price crossed out.
  • Buy column displays the Add to Cart button. Add to Cart button comes with a Quantity selector.

Also you can enable Multiple add to cart option. It allows to add a check-boxes to the Add to cart buttons in table. You can select products and enable these check boxes, then add all selected  items to cart in one go. 

You can display each type as a separate column in the product table and add as many columns as you need  in any order. Also you can make your own custom column title, simply edit the default one.

In order to set the Table Columns you need:

  1. Move to the Manage Table Columns constructor.
  2. Select the Properties of the table you want to display.
  3. Change order or edit the title if necessary.
  4. Click Save button and check the created table in preview mode.

Have a look at examples of tables with different Properties Variations. 



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